A weekly Jewish music radio program hosted by Aaron Bendich. 

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Currently​ airing on:

WVKR 91.3 FM Poughkeepsie, NY
Wednesdays at  9am

WCFA-LP 101.5 FM Cape May, NJ
Sundays at 11am

WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5 FM Jeffersonville, NY
Sundays at 1pm

Episode Li​st:

30. Songs of the Vilna Ghetto

29. Martha Schlamme Sings Yiddish Folk Songs

28. Jack Hilliard

27. Betsuni Nanmo Klezmer, Ahiru

26. Mazel Tov Mis Amigos - Juan Calle and his Latin Lantzmen

25. Judith

24. Simon Ossovitzky and Betty Walker

23. Betty Walker and Elie Taube

22. Passover Special

21. Israel Welichansky

20. Corned Beef Confucius and Abe Schwartz The Klezmer King

19. Emil Gorovets Sings His Yiddish Songs

18. Jan Peerce Sings Hebrew Melodies

17. Anna-Line

16. Yiddish Love Songs with Rokhl Kafrissen

15. The Jewish American Princess and Andy Statman Part 2

14. The Jewish American Princess and Andy Statman Part 1

13. Paul Zim Sings Some of Your Favorites

12. Beloved Jewish Melodies - Hershy Kay

11. Ladino Folk Songs with Abe Silverman

10. Jenny Kessler Sings

9. The Barry Sisters Sing

7. Chanukah Around The World with Mina

6. Mark Olf

5. Allan Sherman & Irving Kaufman

4. Aaron Lebedeff

3. The Barton Brothers

2. Az Men Git Nemt Men & The Golden Peacock

1. Election Day Special